Sunday, December 9, 2012

The B's Knees

Some of the information I read talks about how we are all one and that God is inside us. Others talk of spirit guides and angels that surround us and offer support. So is guidance separate from me or is it a spiritual extension of my Being? I look down at my body and ask: Is my knee a part of my greater body or an individualized presence that helps me walk? My knee certainly has a voice of its own, sometimes creaking when I walk, offering opinions on which direction is comfortable to move. I can talk to my knee and direct my energy to my knee. I can listen to my knee and receive information that can benefit both my knee and my body as a whole. But the knee is not the body anymore than any other part by itself is the body. Yet the knee contains the DNA of the whole within each cell. The body can live without some parts, like a knee, yet cannot survive long without others, such as heart and lungs. But none of the parts can be the whole body by itself. The parts are not the whole but the whole is in the parts. But I think the key is realizing that I am my knee and I am my body depending on where I focus my attention. And, of course, knowing that I am more than my physical body. So, to bring it back to spirit guides, I believe that my guides and  angels are parts of me, like my knee, and that they are a part of a greater me, like my knee is a part of my body. So we are all one yet we can support ourselves using greater parts of ourselves in service through divine love. And as I give attention to something, so do I direct my energy.

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