Monday, December 17, 2012

Smooth and Easy

GS: You are in the process of shifting into a new mode of operating in physical reality. All of you are. However, some are taking the fast track and others are choosing to ease their way into a new way of being. This is purely a matter of preference and does not affect the outcome. The shift is occurring. You are all releasing your minds' hold on your decision-making processes and choosing the heart instead. Choosing your own connection to Source instead. Horrific events stir up much fear and feelings of helplessness. The only solution to fear and helplessness is claiming your own power over your life. Your power is mighty and invincible but is only effective if you recognize it and use it. You are always creating your life. It is your choice to do so by conscious choice or by default, letting whatever passed down family or cultural belief system emerge victorious amidst the chaos of your unexamined mind. The greatest service your mind can perform is to question its own authority. Heart does not need to question because it is the connection to your greater self, your source and true identity. So question what you are thinking as you think and ask yourself “Is this my head or my heart?” and you will find your way into the new shift of being easy and smooth.

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