Tuesday, December 18, 2012


So I have been considering the symbolism behind the tragedy at the elementary school in Connecticut. A crazy, irrational and out of control mind strikes out at the innocent and they are unable to defend themselves. This reinforces the feelings of being out of control and helplessness over becoming a victim. The world is not safe, it is unpredictable and uncontrollable and we never know when something or someone could come and destroy us. These are rampant ideologies in our culture. And we have the choice to let these events drive us more deeply into fear and victimhood. Or. We can use this event as an opportunity to realize where our true power lies. Our power, and with it our sense of safety, does not lie in the mind, that seat of rational and irrational thought. Our mind cannot make sense of events such as these because it is our minds that create them. Our minds are blessed tools that when used by our greater self to serve us can reap us great benefit. But our minds are servants, not masters. Our Being, our Divine essence of the god that we all are, is the true source of our lives. Reliance on the mind alone leaves us in fear, worry and victimhood. Trust in the true nature of who we are, however, brings all the blessings of the divine to our door. Open hearts allow Universal energy to flow through us and connect us to All That Is. Tragedies are one way to awaken us to what is important – the people in our lives who we love. But tragedies are not the only way to open our hearts and to know the love that we are – we can make that choice at any time. How about now?

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