Sunday, December 16, 2012

Endless Love

GS: The depth of love in your life is endless. It is the fabric of your being. All that unfolds before you are variations on how love can be made manifest in your life. However, your perception can turn the love that is before you into other shapes and patterns. Lack of knowing, perceived knowledge of lack both contribute to the bending of love into what appears to be pain, sorrow, terror or grief. Group tragedies can serve to awaken people up to the importance of love and to the total unimportance of what most minds think about on a daily basis. But instead of awakening love, sometimes these public tragedies also serve as an excuse to ramp up fear and a sense of helplessness. The Course in Miracles states that in my defenselessness, my safety lies. If we know that we live in a safe universe, we have no need to defend ourselves. We know that all that exists is love, even in what appears to be horrific and senseless acts. If we believe in an unsafe universe, we feel helpless, out of control, and wait in frozen fear for the next shoe to drop. Yet that is all of the mind, this terror, this fear. When we trust in the power of our own beings, when we trust in the source of our beings which is love, we know that all we experience and all we create are variations of the love that we are. If we cannot see the love, we are falling into the mind’s traps of fear and worry. Stay in the heart and see the love. See the love in the hard places in the world, in your experience. And from this viewpoint, all things are possible.

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