Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Safe Universe

GS: The value of knowing who you truly are and the extent of your own power is priceless. From this point of awareness, all things are possible. Your mind is not always comfortable with the multitude of choices that the Universe can manifest. Thus it attempts to limit your choices so as to make your life seem easier. However, what these limits do is cause you to doubt life and your own ability to keep yourself safe. If you live in a Universe that can harm you, how can you ever be safe? If you have no power to defend yourself from this unsafe Universe, how can harm be kept from you? By embracing an unsafe Universe, you guarantee that the mind’s guardians of worry and fear have a fixed place in your life. BUT, you have the choice to see the world differently. You have the choice to see your power differently. You can view the Universe as Safe. You can see that your power has no limits. From this perspective, all possibilities are available to you from which to choose. By centering in your heart, by aligning your will with your Divine Source, the most beneficial and delightful choices can be made. Blessed are you who are fearless, who embrace your life with joy and enthusiasm, who trust that the Universe is safe, who knows that the Source of All is inside the centers of all. We who have chosen to have eyes to see and ears to hear can accomplish whatever we choose. Blessed be.

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