Wednesday, January 23, 2013


GS: Rejoice. Find your joy. Find that which brings a smile to your being and do it. This is your greatest guide to living a happy and fulfilled life. You need not analyze or plan. You need not figure things out or do what should be done. Just find the joy. The joy is there, even in the darkest of rooms, even during the blackest of nights, the light of joy, the thread to follow is there for those who choose to see it. Open your eyes to your joy. The joy that you see is a small reflection of the vastness of joy buried inside your being. Let the joy out.  Be delight. Be radiant in your love of life.  All things flow from this position.  You are most blessed with gifts and abilities but the greatest of these is your ability to be and feel joy. Do not hold back. Be the joy that you are and your life will be resoundingly blessed.

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