Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ordering the Universe

GS: Knowing who you are is indeed a key ingredient in taking conscious control of your third dimensional life. Imbedded deep inside this knowing is an absolute trust that knows you are safe, that you are creating exactly the circumstances you need for your intentions to become manifest. If you do not see what you want, you see what you believe that is keeping what you want from your reality. You need not understand. You need not fix or figure out. Just release the old thoughts that do not serve your current purpose and choose the new thought instead. Choose consistently. Choose in every current moment of now. Choose and trust in your own greater self and in the Universe of which you are a part that all is delivered unto you as you order. Order love. Order more love. Realize that you are ordering more of that which you already are. So you are not bringing to you that which you lack but are expanding what and who you are outward into the world more deeply, more fully. You are ordering the Universe to reflect back to you the opening you are creating inside yourself that allows more and more love and joy to flow outward from you into your environment in the third dimension. You are not ordering something that exists outside of yourself to come in and complete you. You are already complete and whole as you are. Feel this wholeness. Trust that she who is whole has all that she could ever desire, is all that she could ever desire already. This process of ever expanding flow is why you are here. Open, trust and open some more. Let your love sparkle and bless your world.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful.

    Working for me more fully as "choose the feeling" because that somehow presages the thought.