Friday, January 18, 2013


GS: Abundance in your life has been a trickle and you are asking for a flood. However, a flood can seem a terrifying thing to one not accustomed to handling this quantity of energy at once. This is indeed a belief system. Trust in self is the basis of all change. If you trust the Self, and the Source of Self, all works together for good in your life. Your mind can relax in the knowledge that the Self is in charge and that the Self will keep you safe. Allow the Self to handle the timing of your flow of abundance. Allow the Self to expand your capacity to utilize more energy in a comfortable way. All is indeed well, always has been, always will be, because the Self is in charge and the Self is You. And you are One with all energy and all energy exists to serve you. Feel the Oneness, feel the trust, feel the knowing of who you are and abundance will flow and increase naturally as a result of your expanded awareness.

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