Thursday, January 17, 2013

Choice Bits

GS: When choice becomes a matter of either/or, you are indeed in your mind. All choice is very overwhelming for the mind. It cannot imagine a reality where all choice is possible to experience. One of the main functions of the mind is to allow linear time to lay out your choices in a consecutive sequence. You perceive each choice as coming one after the other. From the soul’s viewpoint they all occur at once, as do the choices you might have chosen in this life’s experience. Being in fear over choosing is also of the mind, placing right and wrong onto the choices in order to assist in the choosing. However, you instill in this right and wrong judgment an absolute value that was not intended. From your heart and soul perspective, it is easy to see the flow of your life’s choices, it is simple to feel the joy and attraction that some experiences beckon you with. Follow the heart’s trail to your desires and your life will indeed flow like notes in the symphony that is your life. 

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