Wednesday, January 16, 2013


GS: Consistency can seem elusive to many and valued by few. Consistency is not a requirement for living in your 3D reality. However, in creating new habits, in creating new neural pathways in the brain, consistency is most helpful. There is nothing like consistency to ingrain something into our awareness. Think about driving to work. You drive the same route every day. It becomes a habit, a pattern, that your conscious mind barely pays attention to after a while. Then decide one day to go a different way. The first day, you leave your drive and promptly go the habitual way instead of the newly chosen route. You pull back in the driveway and turn around and start off again. It takes conscious awareness of each step of the route to choose differently.  Eventually, the newly chosen path becomes familiar and turns into habit and no longer requires vigilance to be followed. Thus you create a new habit. In your life at this time you are creating a new habit of thinking, one in which you choose thoughts of love and possibility over  the familiar thoughts of doubt and worry. You will slip back into old thought patterns upon occasion. However, you need merely to remind yourself that you are choosing a different outlook on life now to get back on the new path. This path will become habit.  This path will lead you to expansion and room for more love to be expressed.  Persevere. The new path is most rewarding. 

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