Friday, January 25, 2013

This is the Day

GS: This is the day. The time has come. The time is now as it always it. Today is the most miraculous of days because it is your day and you have the privilege to live and laugh and express your joy for all to see today.  This is the day of days. This is the day that is your present day, that is your present to the Universe, that is your present from the Universe as well. Live your day. Let your light radiate out for all to see and know that this light will brighten up the frequencies of everyone you meet. Know that the light and radiance that you are will come back to you tenfold. Know the true wonder of your existence as you, as you are right now in this today. Feel the blessing that is your life fill you up to overflowing. Know this is why you are here,  to live this day, to live this day in radiance and wonder, to live this life as the greatest capacity for love and joy that you can be. Know that this is the day, this is always the day, and feel the blessing that is your life unfold before you in a magnificent dance of benediction.

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