Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mind Puzzles

GS: Release your mind’s need to understand and figure out the perceived puzzles before you. Understanding is not necessary for conscious creation. Beingness is necessary. Free flowing energy is necessary. Being a part of the flow of the creative universe is necessary. All else is sound and fury, albeit sometimes entertaining. Your mind loves to perceive puzzles and patterns but this perceiving is not necessary. True being does not perceive. True being just is. So just be. From the core of who you are, just be. Let the mind perceive her busy patterns but do not be distracted by this. There is joy to be found in the beauty of patterns and puzzles but they need not be analyzed or solved. Knowing is not perceiving and it is through true knowing that you direct your energy. Know who you are and what you intend and choose for your life. All the rest is decoration.

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