Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Breathe your Light

Greater Self: You are afraid to show your light. Yet it is only by letting your light shine forth that you can consciously create your life. Let go of your expectations of how people will react. Let go of your need for approval. Let go of your desire to be accepted by others. Instead, accept yourself, approve of yourself, and act in alignment with your heart instead of in reaction to automatic responses that come from subconscious beliefs that do not serve you anymore. Be yourself now, fully, in the present moment. Feel the wonder that you are. Let the power and the knowing of who you are radiate out from you into the world. In this way you serve both yourself and the world. Breathe in the world, breath out your light, breathe in the world that is a bit lighter, breathe out your light that is a little bit lighter still. Through this exchange, energy is enlivened and the frequency of your vibratory level is raised, and so is the environment that surrounds you. Breathe your light for the world to see.

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