Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Thoughts

GS: Your relationship with what you desire, in the past, has been a tentative one. You have never been willing to give up that which you wanted but also didn’t believe in any direct way of getting them. You have depended upon circumstances and sleight of hand to deliver them to you instead of merely asking and receiving. To change this way of operating is as simple as changing your mind. Changing you mind can require repeated reminders. Every time you go down the familiar thought road, remind yourself that you are not using that thought pattern anymore and choose differently. The new thought becomes imbedded into your brain and a new thought road is created with a new habit of saying yes to life and your desires instead of I don't know how and wait a minute. Experience each day as the gift it is. Watch for the treasures that each day holds. Believe that your life is a grand adventure and thus it becomes one. Release your expectations that others need to agree with you for you to have a connection to them. See each person as the radiant being of light that they, and you, are and know that their ability to create their life is equal to your own.

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