Monday, January 14, 2013


GS: Aligning your body, mind and heart allows you to move smoothly into your intended future. To align, you need to focus on what you want, not on your fears and worries. There is a subtle difference between focusing on what you want and denying what you do not want. Focusing is actively choosing a direction and every time your mind attempts to stray from the path, firmly choosing again that which you desire. Denial is constantly telling yourself what you don’t want, thereby focusing on the worry and doubts and creating what you don't want in the process. So it is a matter of choice, not denying, that will  create your heart’s desires. Your body, meanwhile, is used to taking orders from the mind and readily responds to what you are thinking. But the body has desires and needs as much as the heart does, so it can be quite beneficial to take the body’s wants into consideration. Listen quietly and ask the body what it needs. A walk? Some fuel? What would make your body happy? Remember that frequently the mind is hungry and urges you to eat to help you in your denial process and that is not the same thing as the body being hungry. Your body does not require you to eat constantly and to the point of feeling stuffed. But your body may require something outside the traditional three meals a day as well. Listen and understand and acknowledge your body and your alignment will become second nature.

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