Saturday, January 5, 2013


GS: Community need not be in person. Your being is much larger than your physical body and you are most capable of extending your awareness beyond your physical senses. You have many relationships that your conscious mind is not aware of. Many connections that exchange energy, joy and love with you. There is some symbolic value to the idea of meeting people on the internet. It is much like meeting kindred in other dimensions. These connections are very real, as real as your physical connections. However, do not give up on physical connections. They have much value as well and through your connections to others on the web, your ability to connect to others in person with grow. Look for opportunities as they come and take advantage of them. Your mind barely realizes the potential in that which it has not thought of. Do not let the unknown dissuade you. Take a leap. Take a risk. Let yourself be surprised.  Let yourself be loved. 

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