Friday, January 4, 2013


GS: You are on the precipice. Or perhaps you have taken the risk and jumped and found yourself flying instead of falling. Picture your life before you and you flying into it and meeting it with joy and love in your heart. Picture sharing with like-minded and hearted persons of your choosing. Picture a soft wind, a running river, a blazing sun. Picture happiness and joy in all you do. Picture ease. Picture the solutions to dilemmas appearing at the exact and proper moments when they are needed. Picture and feel the flow of life and know that this is always operating in you and through you. You cannot stop this flow. Your choice is one of attitude toward the flow. An attitude of allowance or limitation. An attitude of empowerment or fear. Remember to feel the love in your heart when you feel your energy sink. Choose the things that feel lighter. Choose the things that feel happier. And through the choosing, your life is made full of light and happiness. 

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