Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Divine Flow

It is from the purity of your peaceful heart that divine energy accesses your world. Maintaining a calm mind, an open and centered heart and a fluid body allow divine energy to flow smoothly and fully, surrounding and infusing your being and your environment. Thoughts of worry and discord clutter up the flow but do not prevent access to this divine flow. You are always part of the flow. Your control lies in how much you are willing to allow the flow to move freely and unlimited by restricting belief systems of thought. Changing your thoughts to freedom, joy and love allow fast and immediate access to divine energy and your ability to create your life is directly correlated to this access. Just be present. Just feel open and allow divine energy to flow freely. Joy and passionate creation are yours and will immediately reflect back to you in your world. You teach through example not through critiquing. You teach yourself by your own example most of all. Be the example and you will see that you do indeed create your own life, and so will the others in your life.

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