Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Heart Choice

You have two choices. You can view life as difficult, full of unsurmountable odds and nasty surprises, where you are lucky to keep your head above water. OR. You can view life as easy, full of love and grace, flowing with simplicity and unlimited potential. How much of our struggles are self-created? How can we look at the events in our life differently to lighten our load? From the ever active mind, life is a series of coincidences and beyond our control. From the heart, there is no need for control because all energy serves us and unfolds before us in the precise manner called for at any given time. The only difference between the outlook of heart and mind is your choice. Heart centeredness brings light, love and hope. Mind centeredness brings worry, struggle and confusion. Looking at this choice, it seems obvious which is the more fruitful path. Yet immersed in day to day drama, we frequently get sidetracked. This is the best time to get back to heart energy, back to the still point at the center of you being and then look again at that which sidetracked you. It could be that the sidetracking event was merely a reminded to get back in your heart. Reassure your tired mind that all is well and rest in the confidence that heart centeredness brings.

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