Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Body Talks

How can I better listen to my body? I have a multitude of habit patterns all designed to keep me out of the present moment and oblivious to the constant signs and signals bubbling up inside my physical body at any given moment. When did I learn that listening to my body wasn’t safe, wasn’t true? Was it being forced to eat liver as a child? Was it being told that the pleasure I felt was wrong, was sinful? How can I change? How can I regain the innocence that I had as a child that delighted in all the wonders that life has to offer? The only tool I know is to make a new choice in the present moment, to choose to be present, to choose to listen when my body speaks, to choose to notice the tiny joys in my everyday surroundings. Blessed be my body, all our bodies, for the loving and faithful vessels of consciousness that they are.

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