Friday, October 19, 2012


GS: You often feel that you are waiting for life to happen. Perhaps instead you could view this as watching life unfold before you. Explore each day as if it was brand new because it is. You have not watched this TV show before. While you are comforted by routine, each day is wide open to new possibilities and experiences, as open as you allow.  Release your mind of expectations and take each day at face value—it is an exact reflection of your intentions and beliefs. Perceive each day as an opportunity for new experiences and notice old beliefs that no longer serve you as they crop up. Each day, life unfolds before you, waiting for you to engage. Engage in your life and discover the delights that each day brings you.

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  1. AND be careful to avoid saying, "Nothing ever happens." I did that once. Boy, the universe has a sense of humor.