Sunday, October 21, 2012

Safety First

GS: Your expectations color the possibilities that are available to you at any given time. Therefore, to move beyond into more, you must first imagine. Allow your imagination to expand your ideas and expectations. Imagination creates a space for more possibilities in your life. You have always been careful about what you allow yourself to dream of, to hope for, because of the fear of being disappointed. So in this way you let fear dictate your choices, not your true nature, not your love, not your joy. You have kept yourself very carefully contained in an effort to feel safe but you need not do this any longer. You are shifting your beliefs about safety and coming to realize that there is no way you can be unsafe because of who and what you are and where you are which is in the realization of the greater being of which you are a part. Safety lies in the heart and is an intrinsic part of you. There is nothing about you that can be harmed. There is merely a perspective that you can choose that feels harmful. But the perspective of safety is always a choice as well and you are now choosing safety through the divine love that you are.

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