Tuesday, October 16, 2012


How much of what I perceive in others is me and how much is them? If an idea is not a part of me and my knowledge, can I perceive it? And if I do perceive it, is the idea I am seeing a belief system I am feeding or is it a memory of a belief system that no longer serves me? If I choose to no longer feed energy to certain beliefs, does that mean everyone else in my life will make this same decision? What we see, how we define what we see and how we judge what we see are the keys. There is a reason certain events and certain people are in our lives. They are there to elicit emotions and perceptions. From these reactions, we can discover what is hidden inside ourselves. If a belief is hidden, it is because we have judged it. The judgment acts like glue, sticking the belief to our psyche in the mind’s attempt to convince us that we are the judged belief. However, remove the judgment and we can see the belief for what it is – another story told to us by the mind in the misguided attempt to keep us safe. Removing our judgments from the people and events around us is the outward manifestation of doing the same process within. Releasing judgment is freedom, is taking a leap toward actualizing our true natures. Judgments are not truth, they are opinion. They can be changed, released and unstuck from our psyche, from the knowledge of who we truly are. And then our magnificence can blaze forth and we can let the love that has been buried underneath years of judgments finally see the light of day. By seeing through eyes of love, our whole world changes to reflect this love back to us.

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