Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I was pondering what to write today and the idea of diligence popped to mind. I am committed for my spiritual path to be easy but it does seem like some diligence is required. I wake up in the morning and choose to direct my energy to my given intentions for the day and by mid-morning my mind is sneaking around behind my back muttering misgivings. So I looked up the word diligent in the dictionary and it comes from two Latin words: “di” meaning twice and “ligere” which means to choose. So to be diligent is to choose twice, or choose again, whenever our energy begins to angle back toward habitual pathways. I think the connotation of diligent is hard working but according to the dictionary it means applying constant effort to accomplish something, to be persistent. The key is not the effort, it is the constancy. In creating my own reality, I choose to direct my energy in each and every moment, persistently, choosing anew in each new moment that which I choose to create in joy and love with the power of the creator that I am. And so it is.

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