Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Now Again?

GS: The impulse to stay in the present moment is always with you. Your mind attempts to distract with stories about your past and future which do not exist. Your present is made up of tiny impulses to focus Now. With each impulse, you have an opportunity to notice your environment, to cherish the beloved reflection of who you are in this precious moment. You have the opportunity to direct your energy wherever you choose. You can do this through conscious choice or unconscious habitual patterns. You can choose through love or fear. You can choose through muddled mind chatter or open heart. But choose you do, whether you are aware or not of this process. And then your life reflects the choices you have made and gives you feedback. Do you like your life? If not, make different choices. Unsure what choices you make, look at your life. This is a constantly updating system of creation and reflection that serves you well.  Use it.  And if doubts creep in, choose love. In that precise moment that the thought of fear flickers, turn away and choose love. Choose to love yourself in the grand manner that you so deserve.  And by loving yourself, you serve the world, you serve the Universe, you serve your purpose most magnificently. 

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