Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just Be

GS: The chase for purpose, for meaning, for a reason for living is futile. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to go where you can find these things. Purpose and meaning are encoded in your DNA, they are in each and every cell of your physical body, they are in the air you breathe, the images in your head, the feelings in your heart. You ARE your own purpose, your own meaning. There is nothing to find, nothing to seek. You create your life from this deep sense of purpose and it unfolds before you in clear paths of experience and adventure. Your purpose is to be you. You cannot ever fail in this endeavor. You can judge yourself but even that has no effect on your mission to be you. You can tell yourself you aren’t being yourself in the right way, or you are not being yourself effectively but these mind opinions do not change who you are. Be the person you are. Simply. Elegantly. The doubts and worries and judgments are but smoke and mirrors and have no substance. Just be. And in the innocent knowledge of your own true essence, you can create anything. Love and joy and abundance and delight are yours.

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