Friday, October 5, 2012


GS: Other people in your life reflect back at you your own beliefs of doubt and fear. You do not need to convince anyone of anything except yourself. You are the one who doubts. You are the one who fears. To change what you see, you have only to choose differently and redirect your energy elsewhere. And like magic, your world will change. People will begin reflecting back to you signs that you have changed. The person in the mirror doesn’t smile until you move your lips. Choose joy, choose love, keep on choosing with every breath you take until the choice is second nature, until the choice is your only nature and you finally know you are whole and complete and ready to live the life you are here to live.

GS: You do not need to fix anyone. This is not your mission. To be of service, you reflect back to them love and support. They are more than capable of being their own luminous self without your wisdom. Neither do you need to fix yourself. However, feel free to dispense your wisdom upon yourself as often as needed. You have asked for a clear channel for accessing your greater self. This channel, which has always been there, is becoming more solid and real to you as you use it in these everyday writings. We are here to serve you and answer you whenever you call. Our greatest answer today is be the love you are. This is your mission for today. Simply be the love. The rest of life will adjust itself around this energetic direction and reflect the love that you are back to you.

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