Sunday, October 7, 2012

Heart Tugs

GS: Home is not a place. Going home is not a journey. Home is an opening inside you that connects your third dimensional consciousness with the greater being that you are that exists throughout all dimensions and universes. You are a part of a vast network that ultimately connects you to All That Is. You can follow your connection by feeling a tug on your heart-string, journeying to far reaches of the galaxy and beyond. You can live your life by following heart tugs as well. As you follow more frequently, the heart tugs will become more obvious and pronounced. Trust the impulses that come from deep inside your heart as they are your guidance system. When you come to a crossroad, or a feeling of being stuck, simply be still and expand the space inside your heart to allow the heart tug room to respond. You always know where you are going. You always know the path to take. 

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