Friday, October 26, 2012


GS: Wrap yourself in the support and love of your greater self. You are on an expedition in third dimensional reality. But you are merely a forerunner of a great and advanced civilization that is your greater self. You see what is before you in your reality but you have access to all the resources of your greater self too. You have merely to ask for assistance to have your desires manifest into form. However, you also have the ability to limit the bounty that your assistance can bring you by your beliefs about what is possible. Believing that something is impossible will not allow it to be manifest. Believe that there is no help is a request that will always be fulfilled. Believe that there is no hope, believe that your life will end miserably and this wish will be granted. If you are unsure what you believe, look at your life. It is an exact reflection of the beliefs you hold. If you do not like your life, change your beliefs. Believe in joy, believe in grace, believe in love and light and all will be made manifest at your request.

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