Monday, October 29, 2012

Wind and Water

I have just read the same thing from two different sources in less than half an hour. Perhaps the Universe is trying to tell me something. The issue seems to be about balancing masculine and feminine energies, and perhaps past (old ways) and future (new ways) energies as well. Maybe what we are balancing at this time is any polarity and that through the balancing of energies, we create a new vibration that will serve us in the coming times. Kind of like a bow string that holds the two ends of a bow together and from that tension, an arrow can be launched. I am certainly feeling the tension these days! Both sources talked about the importance of grounding and water and that if there is a perceived tension that feels uncomfortable, aid can be found through grounding, getting in touch with nature and with drinking plenty of water. Of course, nature is in the process of bringing a whole lot of water and wind down on the eastern United States including here in Ohio. So I am choosing to be mindful of the pouring rain and whipping wind as I seek to join my heart energy to the earth and there to ground and hold a firm stance for the energies that are entering from above. And in honor of the wind, I take a deep breath and become the calm center. Blessed be.

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