Sunday, October 14, 2012


GS: Blessed are you who are ready and willing to receive all that the Universe has to offer. Blessed are you who are open and free of limiting ideas and beliefs so to better reflect the light that you are. Blessed are you who are joyful and happy and full of radiant love for self, for others, for the beauty in this world and beyond. Blessed are you who look for answers, who ask for help, who struggle and fuss and complain and worry, for you shall be answered and the answer will strip away your false ideas and leave you naked in the brilliant white light of Source for that is what you are and nothing and no one can separate you from this light. Blessed are you who know in your heart that the love you hold for others is the same as the love you hold for yourself and that to love one is to love the other because there is no difference between you. Blessed are you who are excitedly anticipating the next new adventure that each day brings that you may be open to all possibilities. Blessed are you who know you are the creators of your world and yourself for you know the real truth behind all things. Blessings upon you always for you are made of blessings and you give best what you receive in grace. 

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