Friday, October 12, 2012

My Body Speaks

GS: We are most pleased you have decided to take care of yourself this day. You push yourself continually to show up, to make an appearance, to not let your body dictate what you will do. However, your body is in constant communication and today it needs to rest and be pampered. Learning to listen to your body when it speaks to you will be of great value. You have felt the need to move. You have felt the signal that you are full. You have felt the desire for sweetness. This is your body talking to you. For the most part, you ignore what your body says and go about your mind’s plan for the day regardless. This does not serve you well. Listen more carefully and you will not only support and increase the health of your body, but you will find your life enriched through the subtle promptings of the body’s language. Be aware today and go about your day with conscious movement and your body will be most grateful and will partner with you with greater ease. 

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