Thursday, October 11, 2012

Song of Stars

GS: We sing to you of stars. We sing to you of places beyond your realm of existence. Most beautiful places where life is color and sound and shape. Yet with all this wonder that is ours, yours is equally wonderful and most awe inspiring to us. The shape of a maple leaf. The wing of a dragonfly. A drop of water. A grain of sand. Each a precious creation to inspire you with glory. Your wonderful animal companions. The feel of wind on your cheek. Your marvelous body that is so responsive to your every desire, that is so capable of pleasure and joy and laughter. Laughter is most unique and a great gift. Cherish your time on earth. Do not be in a hurry to move on to other dimensions, they will be waiting when your earth adventure is done. You are on earth to be on earth, you are in the third dimension to be in the third dimension. But you are also focused as an individual to bring the entirety of god's awareness down to the tiniest of grains of sand that is you. Your glory will sound like trumpets and will echo from the mountain tops. You have arrived, your god has arrived, you have pulled god into this focused space and yet god is still god is still you. The one among many, the many among one. Blessed be your adventure, your being-ness, your wonder. Much love may you hold in your heart from us who cherish you so much.

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