Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On Notice

GS: What would you like me to notice today? We would love you to notice your own magnificence. We would delight that you notice your true power to create and to give and receive joy. We would most definitely love you to align with your own true nature that is connected to the Source of the Universe that lives inside your heart. This Source lives inside everyone’s heart and no one has greater access or lesser access than another. All choose to express themselves in different ways and it is only beneficial to judge them as it helps you to make clearer choices. The judgments themselves have no meaning, no ability to shape or create reality. Judgment is discernment that you try to manifest. Use your judgment to help yourself to make choices, not to condemn others, not to create a paper world of good and bad, right and wrong, a world of hierarchical structure where one person is better or worse than another. And yet you attempt this construct, this outward method of projecting judgment, so to better see the futility of creating such a world. Your purpose is best served by using your discernment to create your own life from the most unlimited possibilities. Third dimensional reality allows you to lay out your choices one by one and experience each fully. It does not limit your possibilities, it just defines the way you experience them. It does not limit you nor define who you are nor have any effect on who you are. It is your playpen and you are the child of the stars and you can bring to your playing field any toy you can imagine, to study, to enjoy, to delight in. 

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  1. Applying this to the morning's tasks, making them a playpen of experience rather than drudgery. Here goes!