Wednesday, October 24, 2012


For today, I open myself to all possibilities of the highest knowledge and the most beneficial experiences through Divine Love. I allow Universal Energy to support me, to honor and bless me. I relax into the embrace of my guidance team, those intrepid souls who lend me their energy and love and nudge me onto righteous paths. I release all traces of doubt and fear for I know the Source of who I Am. I bless and thank my body for her steadfast service in my name. With great gratitude, I thank all those who pass my way for the lessons and gifts they bring me. May all that I see and hear and speak today be filtered by my loving Heart. May my mind be peaceful and free of worry. I claim and commit to my power to create my life with grace and divine love. I let go of all expectations of how things should be for I trust that my Greater Self has a greater perspective. May we all be blessed this day of days as we go about our lives and may we know how very much we are loved.

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