Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stories We Tell Ourselves

I recently heard a talk about the stories we tell ourselves. What is your story? What is the picture that you paint for the people you meet? Is this story true? What things do we say to others and ourselves about our life that are habitual? Every time we tell our story, it becomes more and more ingrained into our mindview but this does not make it true. Every time we tell our story, we either dig it in deeper or we can choose to let it go. Why do we keep sticking to our story? How does this story serve us? Who are we without this story? What do we need in order to release this story? What would our life look like if we lived fully from the Heart instead of defining ourselves with made up mindgame stories?

GS: Your story is the game your mind plays to keep you captive. You do not question your story. You bring your story out whenever you meet a new person. You use your story to get closer to another. You trade stories to increase intimacy. Yet, the stories are not you. The stories are not even true. The stories are what your mind tells you to lull you into a false sense of normalcy. You cannot depend on a story. You cannot derive any kind of permanent satisfaction from your story. Perhaps the story has a moral, like a fable does, but many do not. Your story is the orphan child who was abandoned by her mother at far too young an age and can never again trust another person for help or assistance or love. This story is stale and has worn out its welcome. It no longer serves you. You would be well rid of it. Make a new story, one in which you are empowered by everything that has occurred in your life, in which every event is an opportunity to take another step in your evolutionary journey. Every event is another chapter in your new story, the grand adventure of your lifetime. Choose your story well are weave it out of love and gratitude.


  1. Powerful entry today, Jann! I attended a training about story therapy and that had similar themes. Makes a lot of sense.

  2. So true. Imagine stepping out of our stories as neatly as discarding a garment, skinny dipping into a lake of possibility. Ahhhh.