Friday, August 17, 2012

Surrender Dorothy!

I am not sure why I started thinking about surrender. Probably because I have a bit of resistance about the word. Surrender sounds so much like giving up. And giving up implies losing which, as everyone knows, is "bad". However, I don't think that the surrender I am reading about lately has anything to do with losing or giving up. I think it has something to do with giving up control, or the mind's illusion of control. It has something to do with allowing, to letting the mind step back and allowing Spirit to flow through me. My mind finds this whole idea absurd but she has been in such a panicked state lately that she is willing to give it a go. So for today, let Spirit take me. I surrender my mind's judgments and need to control. I will let Spirit drive me through my life today with my heart open. I will look at everyone I meet through eyes of love. And I will see where this journey takes me.

GS: Surrender is not about giving up. It is about giving up control, giving up the mind’s attempts at control. Life is fluid not a logic problem to be planned and figured out and made into lists of obligations. Life is a dance. Life is about connection and vibration and love. Love is the highest vibration you can attain as a human in 3D. Feeling love, unconditional love in your heart, raises the vibration of everything in your path. It changes the course and shape of your future. It changes the vibration of everyone you meet. It even changes the vibration of those with whom you interact on the internet. Love is a powerful force. Yet alone in your little mental castle, you barely realize what love is. You come closest when you think of Mark yet that is only a tip of the iceberg. Imagine love. Imagine a world in which you are loved and cherished beyond measure. Imagine being inside an enormous circle of friends and relatives, guides and angels, all of whom love and support you in everything you do. Imagine that this is real. Then you will have a start in how it feels to be loved. The love is inside of you. There is a whole room of love in the sacred chamber. Bathe in this love. Feel it in every cell of your body. See it in every object around you. Laugh at the joy that third dimensional reality gives when the mind steps back and lets the heart open. Feel the freedom of an open heart and a quiet mind. Feel the relief flow down your body. At last, I know who I am. At last, I connect to all that I see. At last, I can live the life I choose, the life that reflects the true nature of who I am. At last. At long last. We are urging you on, we are cheering and clapping. Allow your true nature to burst forth. It is not difficult. You need not try or work hard. Just step back and be.

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  1. Reading this I can really feel it. Now to live it.

    Again, thank you.