Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Universal Abundance

GS: To pull down information you must first have a question. You keep questions far from your heart because you do not like to feel you do not know it all already. Asking questions, asking for help, asking for the Universe to serve you is all compressed with the fear of appearing stupid and needy. Wanting is needy to you. Stupid is a state to be avoided at all cost. These beliefs do not serve you. Pull your attention away from them and choose ideas that are in greater alignment with your true nature. Choose believing in a safe and supportive Universe that wants to bring you everything you ask for. Choose believing in a world that reflects the love that you are back to you. Choose believing in the Universal law of ask and it shall be given. You have asked to be disappointed, you have asked to be pushed against the wall to get what you need, what you want. No longer. Ask. Ask more. Ask for more. The Universe is ready and waiting for your next request. Ask for more now.  And then surround yourself with gratitude for the bounty that the Universe provides and allow Universal abundance to flow through you and bless all that you touch and pass on to those you meet. Universal abundance starts with you and the rest of the world is waiting for you to pass it on. 

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