Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I have been very focused on Spiritual Development since my dear friend Mark died. I somehow need to prove to myself (or my thinking mind) the truth of spiritual reality. Frequently I am not exactly sure how to do this but one of the techniques I have stumbled upon is pretending. If I don't know how to connect to Spirit or how to prove to myself that Spirit even exists, then I pretend. I imagine what it would be like to feel connected, to feel loved by Universal Source. And through imagining, I can create the pathway to something real.

GS: We your army are here for you. We send you waves of love. Simply lower your shield and let the love in. It is all around you. The only thing keeping love from you is you and your fear of love not being there. But it is there. Pretend it is there. What would it feel like to be loved? What would it feel like to be cherished? What would it feel like to have an army of spirit guides at your beck and call waiting to bring to you all that you desire? What would it feel like to live with no judgment? What would it feel like to live without fear? What would it feel like to know that you are a part of a great energetic force, a member of an energetic community of souls, brother and sister souls ,who love you and care for you and support you and want nothing more than to see you grow into the knowledge of who you really are? Open. Release all that stands in the way, the paper fence you have create to protect you from yourself. Open your arms and receive us.

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  1. Wonderfully useful advice. Pretending is one of our very first abilities. What a shame we're taught that it isn't "real." You (and your GS) have inspired me to exercise my pretending abilities.