Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Time Has Come

GS: The time has come, the time is most definitely here. Because of course the time, right now, is your present moment and is the only moment in which you can make a choice, take an action, direct your energy with conscious intention. There is no greater power than that which you access in your present moment. All things change, all things bend from the wave of energy you can manifest in the present moment. Yet you have many comforting habits that take you out of your present moment and keep you from exercising your power to consciously create your life. You are fully capable of operating your life from a state of unconsciousness as most of you do every day. But then you are left with only the possibilities that do not conflict with your limited belief systems and you frequently feel the victim of circumstances. Taking conscious control opens you up to all possibilities, all choices and offers your palate so many experiences to taste that would be more to your liking, that offer you greater opportunity to express your joy and love into the third dimensional universe. Feel the great fortune that your current perspective gives you and go forth boldly into your life this day and choose what brings you joy. As joy comes to you, so do you give joy to all that you see.

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